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Steel Brackets for Concrete Sinks

Steel Brackets for Concrete Sinks

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To enable some of our concrete basins to be wall mounted, we are able to provide steel brackets.

The size and number of brackets needed will be provided in accordance with the sink sent. The bracket is designed to be hidden by the sink to give a seamless finish where possible. All brackets are made from steel and black in colour. 

Priced at £120. To be sold only with a Smith & Goat basin. Lead time up to 2 weeks.
Below are our basins that can be invisibly wall hung using the brackets :

  • The Arch 
  • The Mini Rectangle
  • The Cloakroom Basin
  • The Fluted Rectangle
  • The Vanity Ledge
  • The Soft Rectangle
  • The Ripple
  • The Soft Square

Our other sinks can be hung with the bracket, but parts of it will be visible from the side

Drawings are for illustration purposes only and the finished product may differ as each bracket is provided according to the sink that will sit on it. 

Full installation instructions are provided with delivery of the bracket or can be found within our concrete sink care guide.