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Concrete Sink Care

Care and Maintenance

Smith & Goat sinks are made using Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for strength and durability and are fully sealed with a deep penetrative sealer. They are easy to maintain and will last for many years with the right level of knowledge and care.

To clean, use a non-abrasive cleaner, such as a damp cloth or sponge. Do not use any kind of scouring pads as they can damage the product and sealer.

Use natural non-abrasive cleaning products with low PH levels and rinse and dry completely after cleaning. Avoid exposure to liquids like nail varnish remover, bleach and paint stripper.

If exposure does occur, rinse immediately with water. Clean up stains immediately and avoid intense scrubbing to ensure the surface and sealer remain intact.

Care should be taken to wash toothpaste away after each contact and avoid leaving toothbrushes on the concrete as it can cause erosion of the surface if left for periods of time. 

Do not leave wet items on the concrete for long periods of time. Wipe wet areas dry and use raised coasters or soap dishes to protect the surface from damp soap, etc.

Avoid cups or bottles sitting on the concrete as they can trap moisture which can affect the concrete surface adversely. Regularly expose covered areas to the air to ensure they dry out. 

Avoid impact on the surface from heavy or hard objects, especially on the edges of the sink to avoid cracks, chips or breakages. Sinks may develop scratches and marks over time which will add to their character and are a natural progression in a natural material. It should not need to be resealed. In the unlikely event that it does, please get in touch for instructions on how to reseal. 

Avoid running very hot water first into the sink as this can cause thermal shock which can show cracks when wet. These disappear when dry and do not pose any issue to the structure of the sink. This is a rare occurrence and can be avoided by always running the cold then hot taps to reach your desired water temperature.

Sinks can be waxed twice a month for additional protection and longevity, with a product such as Aristowax Original Non Silicone Wood Silk Polish. Spray on a little wax, rub in with a soft cloth and allow it to fully dry before using. 

Natural progression including staining, grazing and chipping may occur over time and will not be considered a defect by Smith & Goat. Darker colours will naturally age and wear more than lighter colours, so please consider this when making your colour choice. 

The sealer is a plant-based penetrating sealer that sits into the concrete to seal it. Areas of your sink may remain wet looking for a period of hours/ days. Markings will fade away. 

Taking good care of the sink in line with these recommendations is the client’s responsibility and will ensure you get the best from your concrete sink in the long term.


What to expect from your concrete sink

Smith & Goat creates hand-cast, bespoke concrete using a variety of natural materials. Blending aggregate, cement and pigments together is a skill which results in a unique finish.

Variations in colour and surface texture are to be celebrated; these characteristics are what we believe makes concrete such a beautiful material to work with and display in your space.

Every item cast by Smith & Goat is unique and will gain character over time.

Colour samples are provided as a point of reference and the finished colour of each product will always vary to a small degree due to natural pigmentation behaviour, the expected differences in each batch of sand used and drying conditions, among other production factors.

All sinks are quality checked by Smith & Goat and deemed to be within tolerance before being passed on to the customer.

Because of the natural blending of the underlying components, concrete will always include variations in colour, tone and texture throughout the piece. It will never be a single block of colour and the grain of the sand mixed with the cement will likely be visible in the finished piece.

As with any natural product, concrete may fade/ discolour over time when exposed to direct sunlight.

All concrete products may contain air pockets, pin holes, fibre exposure, grazing, flow lines and patination on the finished product which may evolve more over time. These are all common within each of our hand-poured sinks and have no effect on the structural integrity of the product nor affect usage. They are not considered defects in the product.

Please see our Concrete Characteristics Guide for more details and examples.

The inside of the sinks will be without pin holes. They may however show fibre exposure which demonstrates the strong fibres used in the Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete.

All Smith & Goat concrete sinks are made without an overflow.

The basins are compatible with all standard unslotted wastes.

The Butler sink requires a 110mm basket waste for ceramic sinks.


How to Install your Smith & Goat sink bracket

The brackets will arrive with numerous holes pre-drilled to allow for you to position it as required for your hanging area. You will receive the relevant number of single brackets needed to ensure the integrity of your sink when hung.

Below are instructions for whoever is going to fit the bracket:

You will need to align the brackets where you wish them to sit. You will then need to put rawl plugs in the wall and screw the brackets to the wall by purchasing screws to fit the holes drilled and to suit the set up of your area.

The sink is then sat on top of the bracket and glued with a strong glue like CT1.

If you wish your sink to sit flush to the wall, we recommend that the bracket is installed prior to tiling. Alternatively, you can turn the bracket so that the long piece is on top rather than the bottom.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their wall can withstand the weight of the sink and bracket.

If you or your builders have any specific questions, please let us know and we'll do our best to answer them.

If you have any questions around the care and maintenance of your sink, please don’t hesitate to contact us.