DESIGN - we love working with our clients to design and create the ultimate bespoke concrete item. From concept to completion we will work with you to select the shapes, colours and finishes that best suit your needs. After initial discussions to perfect the ideas, we will provide our client with an estimate and a 3D rendered design if needed.

CONSTRUCTION - once the design has been signed off by our client we will kindly request a deposit to secure the project in the diary. Depending on the project we may need to visit the premises to template and measure. Once all measurements have been completed and deposit received it will take approx 4-6 weeks to complete the project. This may vary depending on the size of the project but this will be discussed and agreed prior to the project starting. The majority of making takes place in our workshop but in come cases we maybe required to construct on site. Again, this will all be discussed prior to the project going a head. 

INSTALLATION - now our beautiful concrete item has been created, we will arrange a convenient time to deliver and install. The logistics will be left to us and we will ensure that we have the right tools to install seamlessly. If you require us to work with other traders then then this is not a problem.