Heartbreaker: Smith & Goat x Patrick Schmidt

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Heartbreaker: Limited Edition Concrete Wall Hanging.  

L-O-V-E. Often it's all about romantic love, but it can be simply appreciation, platonic love or even a bromance, just like how this partnership began. With a mutual admiration of each others work and a chance meeting they decided to share the love with this collaboration - Smith & Goat x Patrick Schmidt. 

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I've pierced my nipple, just for you.

37cm high x 27cm wide x 2cm thick with cheeky nipple piercing and small metal wall bracket on the back. 

The wall bracket is flush to the piece, so the heart can also be used as a tray. 

Marbled concrete in cream, red and pink hues. 

Purchase includes two exclusive collab postcards.

Due to concrete being a handmade and natural product, the image should be used as a guide only as colour and distribution variations may occur. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.