JUST IN Reggie's Wedgie: Concrete Door Stop

Kitchen Worktops, Farnham

 One of our largest single pieces to date, this concrete kitchen island top was a huge 2.2 square metres and created without a seam. The island top features hob, sink, quooka and socket cutouts as well as drainage grooves and extractor top. The finished concrete piece took 4 men and a lot of delicate handling to get into the space! We finished this focal island by attaching a contrasting Smile Plastics blue overhang.

We also created a matching concrete worktop for the kitchen at 2450 x 600mm, with both pieces at a sleek 25mm thickness and in concrete shade 'Jaffa'. 

The final Smith & Goat touch to this beautiful Farnham House was a bespoke rectangular concrete sink for the bathroom in shade 'Pigeon'.

It was a pleasure working on this renovation project with Cocobolo House; big thanks to the wonderful Marta, who designed and project managed, for specifying us.