Smith & Goat was created from pure curiosity and has evolved into an independent, family-run business.

Having been a landscape gardener for all of my life, learning the best of the trade from my dad, it was only a matter of time before I started pushing the creative boundaries of the materials I had at my hands. 

Concrete was used on a daily basis. I loved it but was interested in what else it had to offer beyond its traditional uses. This is where the experimenting started and I began making small concrete pots for my collection of indoor plants. The rectangular planter was my first success story and after making a small range of planters for friends and family I started working on bigger and more unusual concrete creations.

This is when Smith & Goat was born.

I opened my first shop at Crate Loughton in June 2017, selling my concrete pots and homewares alongside a huge variety of indoor plants, cacti and succulents. 

Since opening my shop the curiosity has escalated and I have spent many hours in my workshop creating and experimenting with concrete. There have been hours of research, lots of trial and error and of course blood, sweat and tears but I can happily say it’s all been worth while. I make everything with my own hands and its an absolute pleasure and honour to do so.

My curiosity for concrete has led me on a fantastic journey and I can now add bespoke concrete tables, sinks and worktops to my portfolio of work.

Our new showroom can be found in Walthamstow Village at the WORD store in Orford Road. Here you can find us in our beautiful concrete and plant emporium.

Reggie Smith